Dear Saundra, How wonderful you were last night[at Dannys]! I am thrilled that I came to hear you sing! Your songs, every one filled me and moved me. Your style is so unique and your musicality and expression exquisite. I felt your giving us 1000 percent. I loved all the songs but especially Since I fell for you and my foolish heart. Summertime was awesome as was your talking throughout the show from the conga drum story to your singing thank yous to the band. And the band, well the best! You are a great jazz singer. looking forward to more and you've inspired me to do more. Congratulations! Best regards, Carol”

— Fan

She's new on the scene, but her performances have left audiences raving. She literally grabs your attention with fresh arrangements of jazz standards and a repertoire of original music that has audiences raving.”

— The Priory Jazz Series